Maintaining Weight Loss – Challenge 2013 May


Weight Loss ChallengeAccording to a study from Oxford University, 80% of all losers regained the lost pounds within three to five years. That means lots of people have lost but not many have kept it off.


Honestly, we really don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight-relapse problem.


Here are the eight reasons why you fall off the wagon:

1. Unfocused: You didn’t set goals, focus on them and or read them daily to remind yourself what you have to focus on. Focus is like a vision board and gives you directions not to get lost.


2. Forgotten priorities: You had set your goal. For example, you wanted a flat stomach, to add to your energy, improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and appearance. Might it be that the priority to watch TV in the evening is higher on your list than feeling hot, sexy, and strong?


3. A wrong support system: A lone ranger is never good when he needs help. Do you find yourself in a situation with no check-in system, training partners, mentors, trainers or coaches to turn to for information? And how about your emotional support when the going gets rough?


4. No Accountability: Measurements, logs, goals, records you have set. But did you show them to a friend, family member, or coach? Report to someone and show your results to someone else to know you have points of check-ins.


5. Expecting instant results: Unrealistic expectations and thinking only short-term doesn’t get you far. You gave up because your 20 pound weight loss in four weeks wasn’t accomplished. This isn’t very smart, isn’t it?


6. No direction: Throwing a dart without a board doesn’t give you a direction where to throw it. You started a workout program without having a planned workout – on paper, for your work schedule, lifestyle, and family life. The old excuse comes in handy: I am too busy.


7. Latest marketing fad: ‘I want it now’ is the instant gratification world we live in. This doesn’t work with weight loss. Slow and steady wasn’t your approach and you stopped again as you were not able to maintain the extreme diet and workout routine.


8. One fits all approach: You are unique. So are your body type, personality, training experience, and schedule. The program you have started and stopped wasn’t tailored to you.


So there you have the eight reasons why people fall of the exercise and diet wagon.

Are you guilty of any of these transgressions? If so, the solutions are clear and simple:

Focus, stay accountable, ask for support, plan your day, don’t go for fads, be patient, and personalize

I am excited for you because I will announce the “Quick All Natural Weight Loss Summer Challenge 2013” soon. What do you have to do? Sign up for the newsletters and you will receive the update for the challenge in the following days.

Stay focused and expect results.

Stefan Aschan




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