My Fitness Predictions for 2012


Fitness predictions for natural weight loss are always fun to do.

By working in NYC there is a requirement to stay on the ball (Can you do this?) to stay current with the latest scientific developments in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

Here are my futuristic, smart, fitness predictions for what will appear on the radar for the upcoming year:

Integrative Movement Fitness

One big word, but what does it mean?

Integration is the combination of several techniques and types of knowledge to produce a better outcome. For example, the meeting of Eastern medicine with Western medicine. This trend has been happening for a while. But what has been happening in the fitness industry regarding integration?

There is finally an understanding that quality of movement does bring a better outcome. Pushing heavy weights incorrectly may get you to your weight loss goal in the short run, but in the long run you may increase your chances to get injured. What kind of injuries? Rotator cuff, neck, lower back, hips and knees.

The trend will be towards increased integrative movement studies and there will be a growing number of experts who understand this skill set. This will be critical since pain will predict which activity programs you will pick up in the future to stay active.

But when even walking or sitting hurts, what are you going to do?

An integrative movement analysis will be your solution.

Connection of inner organs to movement


 I’ve completely lost it, right?

What do your inner organs have to do with movement?

The abdominal cavity hosts multiple inner organs, which attach to the fascia to stay in place. Now what happens if you eat food that does not agree with your digestive system?

Or you eat foods that do not provide an optimal bowel transit time? Cramping can occur that can manifest itself as a chronic restriction in your tissue, therefore restricting movements.

Restricted movements can cause joint dysfunctions and pain. Any kind of pain. But in short, that kink in your organ-fascia connection can manifest itself as lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, ….and more.

I predict that more will become know about how your inner organs contribute to pain that cannot be explained and not be treated with anti-inflamatories and pain medications.

Juicing will be the new eating disorder

You have seen it–juicing places are popping up all around the country where one fresh squeezed vegetable juice costs between 8 and 12 dollars. This is the same amount as one meal.

It is interesting to notice when you look into juicing stores that you will see many obese or very thin people inside.

I am a big believer in juicing for a short period of time for natural weight loss [link]. Juicing has many benefits for your system. But it will not teach you how to eat a balanced diet, which is what you need to do in order to maintain weight loss.

The trend continues toward two extremes: Pizza and fast food on one hand, and on the other, healthy fast food that doesn’t teach the balanced nutritious way to approach to a weight loss diet solution. Metabolic resistance training to burn body fat

Want to burn your fat off? Then you will need to know what “Metabolic resistance training” stands for.

MRT is a training approach that trains all three energy systems. Studies have confirmed that energy system is a great strategy to burn fat.

The 3 energy systems for your Metabolic Resistance Training you need to consider:

  • ATP-PC system – This system is only trained for short intensive burst of energy. Not longer then 10 seconds


  • Anaerobic system – “Feel the burn”. Lactic acid is stored and causes the famous burning sensation in your muscles. This system provides the energy for exercises lasting less then 2 minutes.


  • Aerobic system – This is the endurance energy system. Primarily used during running, swimming, biking… anything that takes a longer time to perform.

Those types of training should be only implemented when you are pain free and you know how to execute correctly the chosen movement pattern.

And just the heads up, we are opening again the plan in NYC for 3 individuals. Why only 3? Because my time is limited and I want to give you the best solution, information and service that are out there for you to succeed in your weight loss program.

Stay focused and I wish you a healthy, happy, and strong New Year.

Happy Holidays and stay focused.

Kind regards,


Stefan Aschan, M.S., author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets, which teaches you how to outsmart your hormones and lose belly fat without drugs or surgeries. His approach is holistic, scientific and based on centuries of experience from those living in Alpine Environments. He is a certified strength coach, personal trainer and naturopath. Learn more about how to loss weight naturally by visiting

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