The Forgotten Part of Health


There’s more to being healthy than just fat loss, toning muscles and eating right.

The part of health that we forget is a plan for when we aren’t healthy. Read on because you can’t be without this information.

What happens to your quality of life when you’ve been in an accident and been seriously injured? By that I mean, you can’t breathe on your own, you can’t speak and you are unconscious.

Now the hospital has decided to maintain your life with feeding tube and a breathing machine. But here’s the dilemma: You don’t agree with any of these treatments to maintain your life.

Another scenario could be if you are in a gay relationship: Your partner is informed about your withes but your family isn’t. Guess who’s in charge? Unless you have it documented, it’s your family’s decision, even though you haven’t had contact with them for years.

To prevent a situation in which you will be kept alive against your will, there is a legal solution that will ensure that your wishes will be followed.

POLST to the rescue

The Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment paradigm (POLST) accomplishes two purposes:

  • It turns your treatment withes into actionable medical orders.
  • It is portable from on care setting to another.

You decide what you want in terms of life-saving measures. Important to note is that a health care professional (your doctor, a nurse practitioner, social worker, …) completes the form after understanding your values, goals and care. It is not completed by you.

Also important to note is that the POLST is for individuals with advanced illness — at any age.

What? You might be thinking. Why do I need it, then? Because it is the companion to another form that you should have ready.

This form is called the “Advance Directive.” The purpose of this form is to instruct for future treatments for anyone 18 years and older.

Advanced Directive for your last wishes

What is the biggest difference between those two forms? The “Advanced Directive” does not guide actions by the emergency medical personnel when made available while the POLST does.

To receive your POLST form you can contact your insurance company and ask for it. Or you can find out if your state participates in this program and print out your form from this page: Click here.

To select your advanced directive for your state, you can find forms here: Click here.

Do it today. You’ll have peace of mind, which is critical to your good health.

And to make sure you stay as healthy, vibrant and young for as long as possible, workout or stay active 5 to 6 times per week at least 30 minutes and eat as close as possible to the earth. This is my program in a nutshell – to lose weight, maintain your optimum body weight and vitality.


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