Why some people succeed and some not!


Ever gotten in an accident? Or perhaps diagnosed with a serious health issue? How about being stressed out by a job crisis, a money disaster or a break-up from a marriage, boyfriend or girlfriend?

Poof! And just like that, your fitness program goes down the drain. The pounds are pouring on, your friends don’t recognize you and you are feeling x*@! as ever. No way out?

The circle of downspin has started. Here are two cases that illustrate my point.

Case 1:

Client 1 is in her mid sixties. She has lots of life experience (both ups and downs), yet she maintains an attitude to never give up. But when her boyfriend cheated on her, the x#%@ hit the fan on both an emotional and physical level.

When I met her I asked her straight out: Why now? Why do you want to get in shape now and lose weight? Her response:

“I want to feel comfortable when I take off my clothes in front of a date. I don’t want to keep the light turn off and I want to wear sexy lingerie without all the fat.”

That’s why she signed up and did not drown herself into food, desserts and alcohol. These are three items that are the downfall for many.

Two weeks later she lost a total of 9 inches, 4 lbs and a body fat 3% body fat. Yes, that was only in two weeks.

Reason for success: Consistency in physical activity and nutrition.

Case 2:

Client 2 was a classic type A personality– successful, driven and gets what he wants. He works long hours, has a vision and is determined.

His work load picked up and so did his stress level. His 7body fat measurements and weight increased.

The point was reached where he neglected his activity program. Bad move: Regular exercise is one of the best forms of stress management), not to mention a natural appetite suppressant and  a way to to create a calorie deficit to lose and maintain weight.

Fast forward: He went up 35 lbs.

Reason for failure: Loss of consistency.

Why do some succeed and some do not?

So why is it that some people overcome obstacles and become happier, more sound people then before?

When you look at your belief system as you go through a stressful time, you will find your answer.

Case 1 communicated to herself that she wanted to feel better in spite of a terrible emotional time and started to take action.

Case 2 communicated that he did not to have time for himself, only his job. Hence, he didn’t make time to continue his program and gained weight

Here are some quick tips to help you at your turning point:

Don’t do it alone. If you know already that motivation is an issue, get help. Case 1 hired help, while Case 2 abandoned help.

Believe it. What comes easy? I’ve never heard that anything successful is a breeze. Case 1 does the work and pushes. Case 2 basically gave up on himself. The start of the downfall.

Have fun. If you don’t like the physical activity that you do for a workout, change it. It can be games, sports or whatever that gets you sweating.

Breakfast is the key to success. I always say: Start bad, continue bad. Blood sugar rises in the morning and drops after eating sugary cereals. You need protein, fat, and fiber from carbohydrates to manage your insulin levels early on. Just FYI:  Case 1 changed her breakfast from breakfast bars to eggs, multigrain bread and flaxseed. Case 2 started with excessive amounts of food to manage stress.

Start to say, “yes, I can” vs. “no, I can’t”.

Honestly, these three capital letters – “yes” can change your body but as well you live.

Go for it.

Stay focused.


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