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Bring your six-pack to the surface. Does it need a crunch? A plank? A lateral twist? Perhaps none of this. An evident six-pack or not, you do need abdominal strength for stability of the upper and lower extremities.

What is the right body fat percentage to see six pack abs?

In my career, I have seen some men with a body fat percentage as high as 10 percent where a six pack was shown, but others not.

Women generally have a higher body fat percentage than men. Hence women can see abs at a body fat percentage of about 13 percent. Yet some areas still have stubborn body fat showing in areas such as the thighs and butt.

And this is the difficulty to pin point what the ideal body fat percentage is. Each individual has a different genetic makeup. Two people with the same percentage of body fat can look completely different.

Here are some guidelines that should help you if you want to accomplish a lean body and begin to show evidence of six-pack abs:

Classification men %fat
essential fat 2 – 4 %
Athletes 6 – 13 %
Fitness 14 – 17 %
Acceptable 18 – 24 %
Obese 25 % – higher

Classification women %fat
essential fat 10 – 12 %
Athletes 14 – 20 %
Fitness 21 – 24 %
Acceptable 25 – 31 %
Obese 32 % – higher

If you can achieve the body fat percentages of athletes then you will see your abs Per the above charts, for men this is between 3% and 13% and for women between 9% and 18%.

Bear in mind that these represent very lean bodies. This goal can work for some, but doesn’t have to work for everyone.

Some individuals want to stay defined, toned and in-shape. However, minimally, the “fitness” range of body fat percentage should be your target. Whether your goal is, within the “fitness” range or beyond, it needs to work for you.

In any weight loss program or body transformation program, aging does play a role as your metabolism starts to slow down. It doesn’t mean you have to gain fat tissue. Take the necessary steps to avoid this gain that brings more pain. Measure yourself to better track where you are heading, and to continually assess which strategies are working for you and which are not.

Stay focused.


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