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The going can get rough. You have gone through the holidays, the New Year’s celebrations and suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you see a new you.

One pound, the second pound and suddenly twenty pounds have been gained. How did it happen? From one day to the next?

Individuals have various acceptance levels as to how much weight gain is too much weight gain. In my practice, I have seen individuals gain twenty pounds and still twitter happily down the street, while others who gained just five pounds sink into a deep depression.

But in the first place, what is the key to avoiding weight gain and letting yourself go altogether?

Be inspired by others. Find examples of individuals who impress you. The person who is always in the first row of aerobics class who has a fantastic body might be one. Or the mother of four children, divorced, who works full time, and still manages to go to boot camp and is full of energy and thin as a rail. The person who goes day in and day out religiously to his/her workout and never misses it. Or is it the person with a disability such as a lost arm, leg, or perhaps even two lost limbs and still manages to stay in shape?

I have met them. Those people are around us. They keep me going as well. They give energy instead of taking energy. When you meet them you will think they have it all. This kind of energy is contagious and will fire you up.  Embrace that energy.  Use it!

Weight gain certainly can occur more easily due to challenging emotional or health related events. But to give in and give up, and not to get back to being the best you can possibly be, is unacceptable.

Have a role model in your head that you can look up to. It can be anyone.  The only criterion is that that this person works for you.

Many times I am asked, “How do I motivate people?” This is simple. I really don’t. Rather, I tell examples of what others have accomplished who were in similar situations as theirs. And I lead by example. I am a trainer, nutrition, weight loss, motivation and lifestyle coach.  I need, want and love to lead by example.

If you have recently gained weight, or are falling off the wagon again, or just don’t want to get back into the swing of things, think again… who can you look up to who can bring back your motivation to start you going again? Share it with us. Leave you inspiration in the comments below.

Stay focused.


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