Finish Strong!


The extra mile is what counts!

Now, I have you thinking about running when you read this line. But there is more to it then just finishing strong during the last meters of a run. How about finishing strong at the end of ANY workout? Even a full body strength workout?

Finishing strong at the end of a workout makes all the difference in building a leaner, toner body and seeing weight loss. Recognize that the end of your workout is the time when you are warmed up and are ready to be pushed. The last minutes of your workout are the minutes where you can burn additional calories. Even when your workout is 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or longer.

Here are exercises that I recommend to do to go the extra mile (assuming that you are conditioned and given the ok from your Doctor to exercise):

Medicine ball throws
Take a medicine ball (10 lbs +). Position it in front of your chest, holding it with both hands. Bend your knees slightly. Push the ball in the air explosively, tossing it up while straightening your legs and arms. Let the ball drop; do not catch the ball, rather let it land on the floor. Repeat up to 100 times. Great overall condition for your body.

Run the stairs
This is of the best endurance programs after a leg workout. Take eight flights down and run up the stairs two at a time up. Repeat 8 times. If you don’t have stairs, use the Stairmaster machine. If you don’t have either, find a box or a chair, place your left leg on it and step up. Step down (while the leg stays on the chair) and immediately repeat 30 times without rest. Change to the other side. Repeat with each leg 4 times.

Open your feet shoulder width apart. Lower your hips to knee level. Stand up and repeat in a continuous motion. Repeat 20 times, rest 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times to add additional 4 efficient minutes to your workout. (Place your hands on your hips or behind you head if you can maintain your form.)

Jump pull-ups
After a full body workout, add this movement into the mix. Stand below a pull-up bar. Jump up, pull yourself up and lower yourself to the floor. Once you’re back in the standing position, move immediately into a push up position: Place your hands on the floor and then jump your feet back. Perform one push up and stand up again by jumping your legs to your hands. Repeat this motion 10 times. Repeat 4 times or until you fatigue. Make it your goal to increase the number of pull-ups from one month to the next. Can’t pull yourself up? Solution: position yourself horizontally under a low body bar. Place your hands on the bar and pull yourself up (like a backward pushup!). Start first just with the upper body (letting the floor support the rest of your body). Eventually, try to have only your heels resting on the floor as you pull yourself up.

Those simple strategies are for you to get it going and achieve your goals of a toner, slimmer and lighter body. What else has worked for you? Leave a comment below.

Stay focused.


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