Foods that are fattening


The 80’s really did us in with the low- carb and low-fat diet fads. Are you still still among the individuals who believe that certain foods make you fat? Even great foods such as olive oil and avocado? Both of those have monounsaturated fats that have shown to lower LDL and prevent cardio- vascular diseases.

There is a widespread fear, even today, that certain foods will automatically turn into fat. One of these food groups is  carbohydrates, particularly processed carbs and refined sugars. Another: fatty foods that are high in caloric density [protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram and fats contain 9 calories per gram].

What really makes for a fattening food? Let’s analyze what “fattening” really means. Fattening food is a food that is calorie-dense, highly tasteful and not very satisfying, as eating them stimulates your appetite for eating more. Those foods will most likely to stimulate overeating because one is not enough. Think potato chips, popcorn and butter, French fries with ketchup, chocolate…and so on.

But classifying  an avocado, with all its benefits as fattening is just dead wrong. An avocado is not processed, has enzymes to digest fat, vitamins and minerals that help our body to function efficient and feel satisfied.

Remember that it’s not specific foods that make you fat, but the excessive calorie intake that does. You eat all the junk food in this world, and if you stay below your daily required calorie allowance, you could eat what you want and still stay trim. Do I recommend starting to eat junk food? No, because foods that don’t come from unprocessed sources can cause diseases, as well as deep-sixing your mood, hormonal and insulin levels.

If you have gained recently weight and want to lose it again, then I recommend that you: 1st check that you are eating unprocessed foods and 2nd check that you create a caloric deficit, by either counting the calories, increasing your activity, or juicing for 2 days every 5 days.

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