A summer routine – Ing-ing


A summer routine – Ing-ing

I am exited to share a new program with you today. You must try it and get back to me about how you did; how it worked for you. This program is called “Ing-ing.” It is a great change in your routine and it will burn your fat while strengthening all of your body, including your legs, arms and back. First, let me explain you three exercises that we are going to use.

Sprinting: Sprinting works the muscles of the lower body.

Chinning: This will work the muscles of the back and arms.

Dipping: Works your muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders.

All three activities elevate the heart rate but cannot be sustained for a long period of time as your muscles involved will tire quickly–within 30 to 60 seconds, depending on your current condition. So keep in mind, before you try this routine, you should be in really good condition. If “really good condition” doesn’t describe you yet, I will give you some options to bring it down to your level. And did you figure out why it is called Ing-ing?

To make sure you accomplish metabolic conditioning, you need to achieve approximately 85% to 95% intensity levels. And you should plan to do this routine for 10 – 12 minutes.

You’ll need the following: 20 yards to sprint, a swing or a pull-up bar and a park bench or stairs.

Level 2 (advanced)

Sprint 100 yards in less then 20 seconds. Break it up into 20 yards and repeat 5 times if you don’t have 100 yards available. Immediately after the completion of the sprints, place yourself under the pull up bar or swing and perform 8 slow pull ups. Right after the completion of the chinning, return back to the sprints. After the sprints, perform 8 triceps push-ups or dips.

Level 1 (intermediate)

For the intermediate version you will need a rubber band. We keep the sprint distance the same, but instead of the sprint just run or power walk. Then take the rubber band place it around a wooden post by the back of the bench, stand behind it and pull the rubber band next to your body in the same height as your belly button. Repeat it 20 times. Go back to the 100 yards cardio training (20 yards, repeated 5 times), followed by triceps extension. Use the band for the triceps extensions: Keep the rubber band around the bench. Face the bench again. Bend your upper body forward till almost horizontal with the ground. Take the ends of the band, lock in the elbows next to the body and pull the band straight back till your arms fully extend. Repeat 40 times. Go straight back to your cardio set.

In short: you will perform a sprinting, chinning, sprinting and dipping set that you will repeat approximately 12 times. Without a rest between.

Don’t do this routine more then 2x per week.

Yes, of course it will depend on your effort how much you get out of it. Keep the intensity levels high but appropriate for your condition.

If you would like to accomplish a change of body shape, I believe that you will give your best.

Now the work is yours.

Do it this week and let me know how it went.



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