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Over the past few months, I’ve been helping a client of mine with his nutrition and exercise strategies. In fact, I’ve just returned from a session with him.

Some of my words have made a big impact to accomplish a change of direction and help my client to succeed. It might have been the tone of my voice, the delivery or the content—whatever it was, it came  at the exact right time when it was needed.

I’ve definitely learned a lot from many sources, including my clients, the environment in which I was raised, as well as my educational endeavors;  the many certifications, degrees and masters program. All these give me the know-how and strategies that I apply daily to help subscribers, customers or clients to reach their goal. And it’s been a real privilege to work with each of them.

I also learn from the online community. Michael Dillard, the number one go-to guy for Internet marketing, recently sent an e-mail that insired me and I want to elaborate on it because I see so many parallels between his e-mail and success in meeting your workout and nutrition goals. Please take the time to read this note today.

Consider the following: Have you ever thought about the word “winning,” and what it means to you?

For most of us, the word “winning,” is a very simple concept. You create a goal, and when you achieve it, you’ve won.

Well, there’s actually much more to it then that, because your subconscious mind has its own definition for “winning,” and like it or not, you and your entire life are run by this little bugger.

If your subconscious doesn’t want you to “win” when it comes to weight loss, age loss and energy, you’re not going to. Period.

By definition, your subconscious thoughts and any attached agenda for your life are hidden from you, unless you’ve trained yourself to communicate with it.

If you don’t know what your subconscious’ definition of “winning” is for you right now, how can you ever move forward? And that’s the point on this letter… We’re going to find out what “winning” means to your subconscious right now…Identify your current concept of winning and you may be able to see what’s holding you back from achieving your goals. I’ve been implementing some of these insights into my sessions with clients as well.
There are 5 ways for you to win…

1: Winning though comfort:

This person does anything to stay comfortable in their own comfort zone. They like boundaries; they just don’t want to be  pushed beyond them. Yes, a goal is desired, but if you push this person away from their comport zone you will be running against a brick wall. Stress, conflict, lots of effort just don’t work with this person.

2: Winning by being liked:

 This person’s goal is to be liked. A joke here, a joke there. This person is the go-to guy to have a good laugh and this person will go out of their way to be liked. But not wrong or complicated. If this person is in a leadership role–and making your body a business is a leadership role—he or she will not be effective in implementing the changes that will be needed. Because they want to be liked, they don’t make the tough or unpopular decisions. So it’s hard for them to make  special requests at an invited dinner party or their family’s diet, not to mention real work decisions because at the end of the day, their motivation is to be liked, not right.

3: Winning by being right: 

These tend to be very successful individuals, such as lawyers, accountants and CEOs. They know better; no matter what you say. That means they don’t accept criticism and aren’t open to new ideas. In order to win for this person, she or he has to be right.

4: Winning by winning:

This person is using the simple strategy of constant never-ending improvements. A go-getter, competitior, and strategist, this type knows what they like and goes after it, making the necessary adjustments  as they go along to win. This person never ever gives up. To not win is not an option. Winning is a must and is earned through hard, smart work. But sometimes, with their eyes on the prize of winning, they overdo it….

5: Winning by losing:

A victim is the best way to describe this type. They want sympathy. They want to be understood and as soon they see any improvements, they simply  sabotage themselves again. “Didn’t I tell you it won’t work” is one of the brain conversations that go on in this type’s head. And there you go, victory is won again.

This type creates excuses to support the self sabotage and to hinder themselves from  moving forward. Why change if misery feels better and safer then some new emotions that are not explored yet?

Now if you’re like me, when I was exposed to this concept of winning types, I took a long look at my goals (and those of my clients) right now and discovered a few things.

There are people who are not in shape because they want to be comfortable. There are people who don’t request any changes in their home or office because they want to be liked. There are people who are stuck in their path because they want to be right. There are people who are addicted to struggle because they want to be a victim and like to say, “I told you so”.

And most likely, you see a little of yourself in each of these categories.
I know I do, but what’s important to remember is that winning is a continuous process that is brought to an end once you’ve won, which is an event.

As soon as you’ve “won”, the process starts all over again.

Many times we just get comfortable. Goal accomplished. Time for retirement. This is the best road to the place how you started before. You need to find a new goal, a new inspiration and get going again.

Once inspired by a new goal, my entire focus goes back  to “winning”, which is where I am right now.

I don’t know where you are at this moment in your life, but I do know this… goal-driven individuals win by winning, and they’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill that subconscious desire.

If your subconscious’ desire is to REALLY “win” in weight loss or your change of implementation of diet strategies right now, then you should already have copies of The Austrian Advantage   and our other courses on your table because they are physical representations of your true desire. And our newsletters are a must to read as they are educational, inspirational and many times entertaining as well.

If you don’t, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Do you really want to “win” in accomplishing your goal, or are you after something else…? A quick fix? A pill? Some new excuses that nothing works?

If you REALLY want to “win” in accomplishing your weight loss goal, but have recognized that you’re not where you need to be today thanks to this email, the choice is yours.

You are not a victim or a prisoner of your subconscious. You can control it. You can train it to achieve new goals.

You have complete power over every aspect of your life and you can reinvent yourself.That’ the way you win at any one time, but it’s a process that will require complete dedication.

I hope you have the courage, and when you’re TRULY ready to win in weighing less, a copy of The Austrian Advantage will make its way to your hands.


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