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The painful problem: “What have you done to me? I am not sitting down; I am falling into the chair.” Bootcamp clinics started last week and the muscles were worked. But when do I know when pain is much too much?

Group classes are motivational and are an important part in your workout progression. Any workout program becomes stagnant when the same routine is implemented over and over and over and over again (get it?). The same weight and the same movement patterns. One wake up call can be participating in a group class and measuring yourself against your fellow teammates.

Soreness is an indication of a high- intensity workout. There are two kinds of soreness. One, from the  buildup of lactic acid (muscle fuel) and the second, from microscopic tears in your muscle tissue.

Lactic acid is stored in the muscles. When it is stored in muscles, it stays as long it is broken up or transported away. Hence, during light exercise or a massage, the stored acid out of the muscle gets rid of the pain. High intensity workout at different levels are different for everyone. The better shape you are in, the easier it will be for your body to handle lactic acid. One of the goal objectives in a program is to build up your lactic acid threshold.

Micro-tears in muscle fibers are actually to your benefit. When your goal is to increase your metabolism and to build leaner muscle, you do want to create those teeny tears to build new lean muscle tissue. This allows you to burn more calories and to create a leaner defined look. Yet, this needs do done in strategic bouts;  not every workout session.

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