Stefan’s Bio


Stefan Aschan, M.Sc. author of the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets”, was born and raised in Vienna until age 7 then moved at age 14 to Streifing (a little village with just 20 houses and 3 farms). These were in Austria, the country of Alps, with clean air, active and healthy living.

He led an active life the minute he was born. His passion for fitness started in primary school where he competed as an athlete in sports such as wide & high jumping, 100-meter sprints and downhill skiing.  The love of beach volley ball allowed him to win Gold Medal at the Gay Games in Paris, France,  2018.

His love of nutrition was developed on the organic farms in Streifing and continued through his work as a culinary apprentice in Hotel Bellevue Vienna. While receiving his Culinary Arts Degree at Aigen in Ennstall, Styria, Stefan was further bitten by the “fitness bug” and continued training at the local gyms and fitness facilities in his area.

Commitment and discipline are key parts of Stefan’s personality. In 1997, equipped with two suitcases and a goal, Stefan immigrated to the United States. Once in New York, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business while continuing to work towards many of his certificates – NASM, AFFA, ACE, Charles Poliquin Strength Coach, Paul Check Corrective Exercise Coach,Reebok University, Johnny G, Jane Waller, Gin Miller, Club Danube, Body Pump, … .

Also he obtained his Masters in Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton Collage of Natural Health (4 years) and became and Integrative Movement Specialist by studying with Dr. Evan Osar (2 years).

His studies continued including the movement of organs (visceral) and the brain with The Barrel Institute (5 years) as well movement mechanics by following developmental steps of the baby from lying till walking with the Feldenkrais Institute (2 years).

By devine orchestration Stefan was guided to study Integrative Yoga following the direct Himalayas Yog – Vedantic Linage with Sattva Yoga deep in the Himalayas in Masarati, India. Kosha’s, Kriya’s, Meditation, Asanas, Ishta’s and much ancient wisdom.

Stefan’s current self care practice include sitting 10-day’s in silent Vipassana Meditation annually as well as daily Meditations, Breath Kriya’s, Mantra Kriya’s and Pranayama Kriya’s, various integrative Yoga flow’s, deep relating with the self and dance.

As an event curator and organizer of “UR Loved – A Transformation Event” to unfold within the non-physical body, he shares wisdom of the Drama Triangle, Non-Violent Communication, Eye Gazing, The 101’s of Rejections and Responds, Integrative Listening Workshop, Energy and Vibrational Drawings and Readings, The Big Talk, The Inner Child, Conversations with My Embryo Me and UR Loved Estatic Dance.

His programs have been featured in many publications — Fitness, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, First Woman, The New York Times, the New York Sun, and Forbes online. He is a contributed to, television’s CW11 – The Morning News Show, and The Huffington Post. He write monthly articles for “Affluent Magazine”.

Stefan’s students continue to prove that going through changes in life, age and metabolic processes does not mean that they must settle for poor health, pain, poor movement or older age, waning energy, frequency and vibration. All women and men can benefit from taking small daily steps to improve their movement, health and energy levels to make their life and beyond the most satisfying productive time and stay connected to you inner 5 year old in this current live time.

Many have praised his care who experience his guidance and wisdom who shifted within to the direction as intended … an integrated human being.

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