Kevin’s Natural Weight Loss Success: “What worked for me!”


maleweightlossName: Kevin M.

Age: 57

Lbs lost: 18 lbs since 09/12/2011 (8 weeks) (till 11/10/2011)

Body fat %: From 37.60% to 31.00 %

Waist circumference:
47.50 inches to 43.50 inches

Hip circumference: 46.00 inches to 43.50 inches

Kevin shares his secret tips that keep him going on his natural weight loss plan.

Here’s what helped him shed his first 18 lbs in just 8 weeks:

1) What keeps me going? Progress with weight loss  (it’s working!) and feedback from others.  Also, I appreciate the routine of the meal plan.

2) My secret weight loss food? Protein, eggs, Think Thin bars when I can’t get to healthy food.

3) My secret weight loss drink? Green tea – lots of it.

4) What I always carry with me? Think Thin natural Bars.

5) What is my favorite tool? on line to track my calories and to connect with friends.

6) What was the biggest obstacle that I needed to overcome?
Booze in business and social settings

7) People complement me most about? How much younger I look.  And healthier, too.

8) What I like most about myself? Focus and purpose.

9) What advice would you like to share with others? Build a plan, work the plan, and build the intensity of your cardio.

Kevin did a fantastic job of implementing strategies and finding strategies that worked for him in his daily lifestyle.

He has been on other plans before, but saw his biggest weight drop of 8.5lbs in 2 weeks with the “Flat Belly Schnell”  plan.

Check back often to follow his progress and on the many others who have been through the program.

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AFFA, ACE, Reebok University
Masters in Science in Holistic Nutrition

Stefan Aschan, M.S., author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets, which teaches you how to outsmart your hormones and lose belly fat without drugs or surgeries. His approach is holistic, scientific and based on centuries of experience from those living in Alpine Environments. He is a certified strength coach, personal trainer and naturopath. Learn more about how to loss weight naturally by visiting

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