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Stefan is excited to receive your completed questionnaire. Once he does, he will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to schedule a consultation.

Once he reviewed your questionnaire and conducted your consultation, he will determine the next steps to be taken.

Why Choose Strength 123?

Because I Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

That’s a bold claim. Here is how I back it up:

  • I’ll work with you until all your questions are answered or problems are solved
  • I’ll provide an in-depth, strategy after your first posture analysis and interview
  • In the media and on the net, there is a lot of conflicting information about weight loss and corrective exercises. We sift through it all and separate fact from fiction.
  • I’ll get back to you no matter what – even if it’s to tell you (gently and honestly) that I am not the right nutrition and exercise coach for you.
  • I am specialized in handling unique and unusual situations that a lot of trainers won’t touch and do not have the knowledge base to work with.

Stefan Aschan, M.Sc.

To determine and understand your needs and concerns, and to find out your commitment to change, please fill out the brief survey below.

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What are you looking to accomplish?
What would you like to see happen?
What is keeping you from getting there?
Do you have any injuries? Are they completely healed?
Do you have any pains?
Any medical problems in your family?
Are you currently taking any medication?
Is there anything else that we have to know about you?
Anything else that you like to share with us?
Any other questions you might have?
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