3 shocking truths about weight loss


Margarita lost 26 lbs and a total of 21 inches; Mary lost 6 lbs and 14 inches overall…this kind of success is standard when working one-on-one with clients.

Yet numbers are just one part of improving and changing your body. When losing weight, your body releases stored substances into the blood and liver. If you are eating only organic, you don’t have to be concerned about the following…or do you?

Three shocking truths about weight loss

  • · Calories that kill

Turn on the Cooking Channel and watch some of the documentaries about the ingredients in a hamburger. Yes, it is on national television. Animals receive hormones for growth and antibiotics that protect them from diseases. Those hormones are stored in fat tissue, below the skin or around organs. The result is that 10 year old girls are suddenly fully developed and get their periods at very early age. The fall-out for other groups has yet to be determined.

Your body takes in an enormous load of industrial toxins that have entered our food, water and environment. It does affect your systems. And losing weight by just eating less calories (and ignoring where your food is coming from) is not the answerer.

  • · Lose the fat and be healthy is a lie

Your liver is the organ of detoxification (as well the skin, digestive system and the kidneys). Because of this, we need more fresh foods with enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These help us to neutralize the toxins and scrub them out of our systems. For many of us, a diet is about calorie counting,  and not quality of food. Quality foods, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, from the fresh air environment will give us plenty of those ingredients that we need to clean out our systems. But how many of us eat that way rigorously? And don’t give me the excuse that such foods are much more expensive; we’re talking about your body, here!

  • · The final shocker: Quality fats will help you to lose weight

Yes, there are bad fats. Bad fats are the man-made ones. And there are plenty of these: lard, butter, margarine. But raw fats are the beneficial fats that help you to reduce your LDL and raise your HDL, help to reduce plaque deposits in your arteries and lubricate your central nervous system. The biggest benefit of increasing your intake of raw beneficial fats such as avocado, raw nuts and seed or extra virgin olive oil, is that they still have the fat enzymes intake that help to utilize and metabolize fat. Eat fat to burn fat is the take-home concept.

With the right set up, individuals who lose weight can look younger naturally for the next twenty years. 1 am not surprised that the 2-day Mental Detox plan was perceived as a very effective way to lose weight and support the body systems so vital to rejuvenate yourself and your life.

Stay focused and expect results.


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