The Next Gain – Failure


Is lean and defined really easier to accomplish? Sure, because if you increase the repetitions and reduce your calorie intake, your body adapts. This is a very simple strategy to implement.

Today I’ll share with you something else that you should implement in your workout. Wait, no, do it the next time you work out and let me know how it went.

Beyond Failure Training

“Failure” in training is defined as performing as many repetitions as possible, in good form. Attention: Notice “in good form.” When you are unable to finish the complete positive (the “up”) phase of the repetition–despite your best effort–that constitutes failure. This is also referred to as momentary muscular failure.

The vast majority of individuals do not train to failure. Many just stop the exercise several repetitions before they reach this state. In order to make up for the lack of intensity, they make up by performing additional sets, once again, without going to failure.

So, do following. Focus on the negative sets. For example, the chin up. Hold on to the bar and jump up till your chin is above the bar. Then slowly lower yourself. Do this as slowly as you can–not like a sack of potatoes! If you are not yet at the stage yet where you can execute this as described, just use the Total Gym. And if you don’t have a Total Gym, position yourself under a bar on the Smith machine. Pull yourself up and slowly lower yourself. Repeat till the point of failure where you can’t lower yourself slowly again.

This strategy can be implemented with your other muscle groups as well if your strategy is to build up strength and size.

The point of this e-mail is that you need to push yourself to see results in your workout if you haven’t yet.

Change it up, mix it up and don’t give up.



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