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Protein is important. And what kind of protein even more important If you want to top this, where it comes from, where it was born and where it was raised is the most important.

Who doesn’t love protein in one form or the other? We all take it in one form or another: diary, eggs, fish, or a variety of other meats such as from chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and whatever else.

Ok, lacto vegetarians, I have not forgotten you. This blog is for you as well as you eat dairy which comes from cows. So all of you should keep reading.

In resent years, there has been much concern about meats that are high in saturated fats, full of antibiotics and hormones. Suddenly, young girls of the age of 8 started their period [normal age is between 11-14] and boys have grown fat tissue around their chest. Now we are aware of that the use of hormones and antibiotics in our food changes and affects our systems. In addition, (hardly noticed), farmers converted from feeding cattle grass to feeding them grains. A little change but with a big impact that you need to know about.

This little change of eating grain-fed to grass-fed cattle did the following:

· Grass feed animals contain half the saturated fat of that from grain-fed animals

· A 6-ounce steak therefore has almost 100 fewer calories than one from grain-fed stock.

· Meat from grass fed animals has two to six times more omega-3 fatty acids.

· Cows grazing on grass had 500 percent more conjugated linoleic acid [increases fat loss] in their milk fat than cows from grain-fed stock

· Chickens that feed in the pasture have 21 percent less total fat, 30 percent less saturated fat, 28 percent fewer calories and 100 percent more omega 3 fatty acids than chickens fed on high energy specialty feeds.

Yes, yes, who would have known that such a little change in our food could have such a big impact on an entire nation? Definitely not I, who is coming from the land of pastures and hills, skipping down the meadows to school [I am Austrian — hence, Check it out.].

So, look around when you buy meats. See if you can find grass-fed meats vs. grain-fed meats. Farmers markets are great resources for this; or check the internet.

Oh wait—pop quiz: What do meats do you think fast food chains serve?

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