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1014727_sunny_beachThe beach. Relaxing for many but stressful for others.

Let’s be honest. Have you been on a beach and thought, “I wish I’d lost a few pounds,” before the bikini, Speedo or bathing trunks hugged your body? All you could do was pull in your stomach and barely breathe while walking on the beach. Not fun.

But it’s a recurring story for many of you around the world who enjoy the beach and the sun. This past week, three inquires came in regarding emergency weight loss, wanting it to happen in just 4 to 5 weeks. “Interesting,” I thought to myself, “now I seem to become the go-to guy for emergency weight loss.”

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. What do expect, having been in the industry more then 17 years, with multiple certifications in fitness, a masters in nutrition and a degree in the culinary arts?

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There’s a difference common to individuals who fail to lose weight and keep it off long term. It’s called all-or-nothing thinking. Do you recognize any (or all) of the following?

  • · Hunger is bad; being full (often overly full) is good.


  • · I’m good if I follow my diet and bad if I make one mistake


  • · My eating week was good or bad even if I just struggle one day or several minutes a day


  • · If I’m losing weight, I’m fully in control; if I’m not, I’m totally out of control.

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The Next Gain – Failure

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Is lean and defined really easier to accomplish? Sure, because if you increase the repetitions and reduce your calorie intake, your body adapts. This is a very simple strategy to implement.

Today I’ll share with you something else that you should implement in your workout. Wait, no, do it the next time you work out and let me know how it went. Read More→

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Shape up with sand

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This workout is exiting. You sweat, you hate me for telling you about it and you will be sore. How can sand–the stuff we used to play in as children, the stuff of so many fond memories–do this to you? Read More→

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