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Do You Commit?

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You might find yourself in the following situation:

  • Inactive and can’t stop eating
  • Emerged in your profession and can’t get away from work, even when you are at home
  • Or the opposite – when you are done with work, you just go home and relax and watch TV



You might have abandoned your commitments to improve your lifestyle to achieve better health and performance.


To help you to get on track, I will share a solution with you to recommit to your commitments. Read on!

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This is the month of personal improvement.


This month is your month to focus on setting goals, to improve your diet, and to start an exercise program.


However, these tasks can be overwhelming.  Where should you start? What should you do first? Should you do everything at the same time? For an optimum outcome, it is recommended that you start all three at once – but keep it simple!


Let us start by bringing the focus on the next 30 to 42 days.

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Sitting kills your back.

That’s a bold statement. Is it true?

In 1982, researchers affiliated with the Cooper Institute in Dallas surveyed affluent individuals and their sitting habits.

The study confirmed that people who spent more than 23 hours a week sitting, watching TV or sitting in the office, had a 64% percent greater chance of dying from heart disease. One take-away is that less activity burns fewer calories.

But why does sitting kill your back?


The scoop on disc pressure and pain


If you understand how the discs work between the vertebras of your spine, you will easily understand what happens to your discs when you sit more then 8+ hours per day. Look at this chart below.

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How to Achieve your Goals?

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If you are like most people, you have goals for this year that are more ambitious than what you accomplished last year.  Almost everyone (at least the readers of this blog) wanted to get better.


All too often we set goals without having a plan to achieve them. And without a plan a goal is merely a dream. It is nice to think about and makes you feel good. But that is about it. In less than 37 minutes I can show you how to turn a dream into a goal.


First set aside just 37 minutes to work through this simple step-by-step process.

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“I was so in the zone” I overheard a woman proudly announcing during a dinner conversation. 


Since the invention and widespread use of heart rate monitors, our approach to cardio vascular training has changed. These devices provide an inexpensive and efficient tool to enhance your fitness program by monitoring your heart rate during your workouts.


Your motivation will skyrocket. Depending on the system you use, you can take advantage of an online tracking tool to establish accountability. In conjunction with an integrative online system, your monitor will help you to establish records regarding your improvements. You can easily review your performance on charts and compare your applied strategies that result in your fitness success.


Before we discuss this method, let’s address the following questions:


  1. How can I establish my individual zone for endurance, fat burning, and weight loss?


  1. Do these numbers really make sense?


  1. Do those methods reflect my individual training zones?


These are the issues you should consider when you incorporate heart rate monitor training into your fitness program.

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To live younger longer? Possible? Yes, but does it need surgery? An oxygen tank?

Are you wondering what else can be done besides Botox, liposuction and acid facial peels? What are the alternatives? What can you do at home right now? The shows are interviews and conversations about how to naturally look and feel younger longer 5, 10 or even 15 years.

Check it out and click the video below.


In addition to my advice experts from around the world will be interviewed.

Here are some examples that you will learn:

*Activities: Longevity tests for activities. Which one keeps you younger longer: Pilates, Yoga, Strength or Cardio training?

*Carcinogens and free radicals: How do they age us? Discover skin masks from around the world for the bodies wrinkle cure.

*Sex: Sex at 45+; the highpoint of experience. How to spice it up with toys, clothing, and positions

Will these techniques and secrets work? Members of my audience who will apply the techniques and secrets will be followed-up to see how these “Younger Longer” methods are working!

Vote for me!

And stay focused as always.


Your Weight Loss Youngevity Coach

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