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Confused about Protein Shakes?

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shakeThere are so many reports coming out every day about what you should, could, or must eat.

Now, the latest scare is Protein Shakes. The Consumer Reports Magazine July 2010 tested protein powders for heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury. In summary, it was found that some of the protein powders contents exceeds the maximum limits for one or two of those contaminants in dietary supplements proposed by U.S. Pharmacopei, the federally recognized authority that sets voluntary standards for healthy products.

Should you be concerned?

Lets look at some facts:

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Soy- Dare To Be Tried?

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“Soy causes cancer and it is bad.”

“Soy helps to prevent cancer and it is good for you.”

Which statement is right? Who should you believe? I found myself in the same confusing position as I read reports and books dealing with soy as a protein source, as an adjunct to therapeutic Read More→

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