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foot-massageGo for a massage! Many times we have heard these words as advice after an intense training program or competitive event.

This month, in the “Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise” we are educated differently about the benefits of massage and muscle recovery.

This study tested the hypothesis that sports massage aids muscle recovery from exercise by increasing blood flow to muscles. Increased blood flow should help to remove the build up of lactic acid, which is stored in the muscles.

Twelve individuals where recruited and tested. Two minutes of strenuous isometric exercise with the forearms were performed to elevate the lactic acid in these muscles. Right after the volunteers exhausted their arm muscles, they either lay and relaxed or received a massage by a certified sports massage therapist.

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Spring workout

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It’s no newsflash: To create a body that moves energetically and without pain or stiffness AND looks great takes work.

What is new; to understand how to stage your workout program. It doesn’t take skill to just pick up a weight and start moving it. But it does take skill to move it in such a way that it helps you  achieve your goal objective. And for that, you may need knowledge about how to move that weight properly. A dysfunctional movement pattern doesn’t move you closer to your goal. Keep this in mind when starting an exercise program.

Spring weather is around the corner on the East Coast. The birds are chirping at 5:15 am and the days are getting warmer (like this past weekend). You are feeling to get out and about and ready to start being active.

Shorts are out, leaves and buds are peeking out, flip flops are on…there’s a new beginning in the air; all at once at the same time. It is no wonder my inquiries for diet programs and workout sessions increase. The perfect butt, the perfect arms, shoulders, and a smaller midsection should be accomplished within 4 weeks. Doable? Yes, depending at which stage you are starting (250 lbs or 116 lbs). Read More→

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Grains, Greens and Fat Loss

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If you were to hold a gun to my head and ask me, “Which is better for weight loss–grains or greens?”

What would my answer be? That’s easy. Without hesitation, I would say the greens–or vegetables. Why? Read on…

Let’s compare grains and vegetables. Despite all you read about “healthy” or :high fiber” grains, they are not nearly as healthy or nutritionally complete as vegetables are.

In fact, grains are higher on the glycemic index then any common vegetable. That means they raise blood sugar levels higher, which should be kept steady when your goal is to lose fat, drop weight or stay in a weight maintenance program.

Let’s compare and contrast just a few grains and greens. These numbers Read More→

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