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742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThanksgiving is the kick-off to the holidays.

That means 5 weeks of temptations and indulgence then frantic panic about the weight gained and stress about how to lose weight again.

742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThis year, make it your holiday challenge to lose any leftover holiday weight gain from last year instead of adding more weight. Start by avoiding these holiday weight-gain pitfalls:
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I want you to know upfront that I am going to share information with you that has been around for centuries but sorely neglected in our modern society and pharmaceutical industry.

Okay, I think most of you would agree that you  don’t nourish your body to the best of your ability on a daily basis, right?


I mean, you get so caught up in comfort, laziness, and the attitude “I am going to be all right. I just do fine. I look great. I know it all.

Newsflash: If your body isn’t where you want it to be, and if you are not feeling at ease with the clothes that you wear or what you see looking back at you in the mirror when naked, then you need to face the reality that you are not taking care of yourself.

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Health is determined by what you eat. “Let nutrition be your medicine,” Aspostolus said.

What is true then has not changed today.

From my research and on-hand materials that I used to study for my Masters in Science in holistic nutrition, and clients who successfully improved health, energy or accomplished weight loss between 10 lbs and 100 lbs, here is my list of the top 10 foods.

These foods were selected for their general health, low toxicity and nutritional value (in terms of protein, fats, carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals).

And what is good for your health is great for weight loss and your youngevity. Both go hand in hand.

10 best foods (and why)
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The truth is out. Most people don’t succeed.

Last week’s blog entry was a bee sting to some of you. I mean, it hurt.

Unfortunately, for some it hurt so much to face facts. They didn’t like to be reminded that they needed to take care of their body. They discontinued their subscription.

I tell it like it is without the honey and sugar: My newsletters are all about motivation, advice, strategy, education and thorough, provocative information to help you in your quest for weight loss, youngevity, and longevity.

So, down to business again. Spring and summer are just around the corner. And soon the urge to trim and shape will be on the forefront; just when the winter coats are gone.

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Ever gotten in an accident? Or perhaps diagnosed with a serious health issue? How about being stressed out by a job crisis, a money disaster or a break-up from a marriage, boyfriend or girlfriend?

Poof! And just like that, your fitness program goes down the drain. The pounds are pouring on, your friends don’t recognize you and you are feeling x*@! as ever. No way out?

The circle of downspin has started. Here are two cases that illustrate my point. Read More→

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I’ll keep it short and sweet today. I’ll only ask you one question:

If you belong to a book club, are you looking for a new book and a memorable experience?

Is this missing at your book meeting?

You meet with your friends to discuss the latest book that you’ve all read.

Unfortunately, the book can’t speak back to you and answer all the questions that you might have. But this is about to change.

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Why are you gaining weight again?

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Remember January when the motivation to lose weight was high? It is clear that you could succeed as you lost the first 10 to 15 lbs. Then you get comfortable and you start gaining slowly all back. Frustrating isn’t it? And the stats prove this phenomenon relapse and weight gain. Just consider:

80 percent of all individuals who lose weight gained the pounds lost and even a little more within 3 to 5 years, according to a study from Oxford University published in the International Journal of Obesity. Read More→

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Today I have tips for you. Tips that you can use right now to get started in moving in the direction of better health, less weight, a toned and in-shape body, and a positive attitude.

Tip one:
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Sometimes, we all need a kick in the butt to get things done. In my 15-plus years working with individuals on body shaping and weight loss, I have heard amazing things that individuals do when gaining weight.  But also have I seen amazing results when strategies were implemented and followed.

The past week was one of those weeks where clients had to be forced into taking measurements. Alright, yes, I know, I am terrible because I require taking measurements every 4 weeks.

The two measurements that I take: 1) Read More→

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Once again, Thanksgiving was a feast. Each year, over a hundred thousand Americans overeat during the holiday time. The next day, food is the last thing that many think about. But then there are the leftovers. How about a little pie for breakfast? It is too good to go to waste. And the feast continues.

Weight loss is on many on our minds during this time. But the call to the dinner table wins out over the call to the gym. There we have a dilemma: Too stuffed to workout. Leftovers linger for days. And relaxation and catching up with friends and family is priority number one.

What to do? Start small. Make an effort Read More→

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