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Can you expect longevity?

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706636_me_at_29_and_at_89_years_oldAging! Will I be healthy? Will I be strong? Will I be able to live independently? And how to live longer younger is still another question that arises as baby boomers get older. There are answers to these questions.

Longevity is the term that explains all these concerns under one label. It is interchangeable with the term “life expectancy.” And how about youngevity? Stefan, are you crazy, what is this? Ok, ok, let me explain. Youngevity is my term to explain how young you will stay, act and look even in older age. Can this be done?

Longevity is easier to accomplish. Simply by going for check-ups and adjusting nutritional intake, you can probably increase your longevity. Also you can calculate your expected longevity with those calculators:

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