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Monster Energy (for fat loss)

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woman-runningcStamina that lasts all day and all night.

Doing all the things that you want to do and not getting tired.

Would this be a dream or a nightmare?

Maybe both. The dream is boundless energy all day and all night that keeps us alive; the nightmare is most common in the realm of physical performance. It’s a nightmare that many experience when starting a workout program or by competitive athletes who like to out-perform their competitors, yet are not equipped to do so. Read More→

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Staying Turned On

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903839_fitnessHave you started a nutrition and/or a fitness program? Great! Your intention has moved you in the right direction. Yet once again, you are not staying turned on enough by the program and you are about to quit.
I will now tell you the truth as to why you don’t stay on the program in order to accomplish what you dreamed of.  And please accept my apologies upfront if I offend you.

Reason number 1: Talking about it sounds better then actually doing it.

Sometimes I hear: “I will do anything that you say when you accept me as a client.” I am saying to myself:”Let’s see.” Although I say from the beginning that my program has 99.7% success rate, participation is required. If you don’t participate, it won’t happen.

Solution: Talk about the actions you have actually done today instead of what you are going to do.

Reason number 2:  You are a quitter. Read More→

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