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obese_13778tIt is really difficult to motivate people to do something that they don’t want to do. Really! We all know we “should” maintain our weight, (or lose weight, if necessary) work out regularly and focus on nutrition. But why isn’t that so?

Health and time are really gifts that we need to appreciate. The rest of life is just an outcome of our productivity and our capability. When we feel energized, have confidence and feel secure in who we are, we push to new levels of personal achievement. The well-known check list as I refer to it: Financial success, a nice apartment, nice clothing and a special car. We all have our own lists.

But all too often, we take the gift of health for granted.  When we feel well, the last thing we focus on is health. Ironically, the only thing that really matters when you’ve lost health is to get it back.   Yet how many people do you know go beyond the basics and cherish the gift of health to reach an abundance of energy, a lean defined body and maintain this till older age? Look at the general population and you will have your answer. Read More→

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