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742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThanksgiving is the kick-off to the holidays.

That means 5 weeks of temptations and indulgence then frantic panic about the weight gained and stress about how to lose weight again.

742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThis year, make it your holiday challenge to lose any leftover holiday weight gain from last year instead of adding more weight. Start by avoiding these holiday weight-gain pitfalls:
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I am thrilled and pleased to announce the winner of the “Look Younger” contest and update you on other exiting happenings.

 “How to look younger naturally” Survey: And the Winner is….

Thank you for all participating in the survey “How to look younger naturally. I received fifty-five questions, and every one was a winner in Read More→

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Inspiration for motivation

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The going can get rough. You have gone through the holidays, the New Year’s celebrations and suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you see a new you.

One pound, the second pound and suddenly twenty pounds have been gained. How did it happen? From one day to the next?

Individuals have various acceptance levels Read More→

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Relax – Just do it!

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“How to stay young” is on the minds of many these days as we are starting to age. Do we need creams or Botox? Surgery or supplementation?

Sure, all of them can help and support. Yet, those are all external cover-ups. Real youth in older Read More→

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Once again, Thanksgiving was a feast. Each year, over a hundred thousand Americans overeat during the holiday time. The next day, food is the last thing that many think about. But then there are the leftovers. How about a little pie for breakfast? It is too good to go to waste. And the feast continues.

Weight loss is on many on our minds during this time. But the call to the dinner table wins out over the call to the gym. There we have a dilemma: Too stuffed to workout. Leftovers linger for days. And relaxation and catching up with friends and family is priority number one.

What to do? Start small. Make an effort Read More→

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