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What do you prefer?

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(Read to the end of this blog and win)

When it comes to weight loss, longevity and/or a youngevity program half of the battle is getting
started. The other part is to stay on a program.

That’s why I have created the “Look, Learn, Do” Newsletters that correlate with the 14-day
nutritional and exercise programs.

The weight loss updates and solutions Read More→

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It is obvious from the get-go that clean eating is not a scientific term. What means clean eating for one person means something else for somebody else. In today’s environment, we have many individuals who are focused on eating clean foods. Yet, what it means to eat clean foods has to be determined on an individual basis.

Still, there are general rules that apply when it comes to eating clean foods. Here are some myths and facts when it comes to clean eating: Read More→

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Today I have tips for you. Tips that you can use right now to get started in moving in the direction of better health, less weight, a toned and in-shape body, and a positive attitude.

Tip one:
Create an Read More→

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Experience 01

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The painful problem: “What have you done to me? I am not sitting down; I am falling into the chair.” Bootcamp clinics started last week and the muscles were worked. But when do I Read More→

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Protein is important. And what kind of protein even more important If you want to top this, where it comes from, where it was born and where it was raised is the most important.

Who doesn’t love protein in one form or the other? We all take it in one form or another: diary, eggs, fish, or Read More→

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