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Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D, and Lester Packer, Ph.D. Director of the Packer Lab, University of California at Berkeley, discovered and researched this amazing ingredient. And even before that it was available for many treatments in the US, it was very successful in Europe.

Are you interested yet? Here’s more: The ingredient proved effective in treating wrinkles, slowing down aging process on a cellular level, reversing cataracts (a cloudy or opaque covering that grows over the lens of the eye), preventing stroke, preventing heart disease, controlling diabetes, enhancing Read More→

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Foods that are fattening

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The 80’s really did us in with the low- carb and low-fat diet fads. Are you still still among the individuals who believe that certain foods make you fat? Even great foods such as olive oil and avocado? Both of those have monounsaturated fats that have shown to lower LDL and prevent cardio- vascular diseases.

There is a widespread fear, even today, that certain foods will automatically turn into fat. One of these food groups is Read More→

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Cool off with those drinks

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 Who complained about rain? Well, now you have it.

Summer is finally here in full swing and it is hot, humid and muggy in New York City.

Cool off, rejuvenate and replenish with those three refreshing drinks for the Read More→

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Ongoing success strategies

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“BTW-am down to 145lbs!”

This was on the bottom of an e-mail I received. Don’t you love it? On the bottom and starting with a secret BTW. Come on, what is Read More→

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Small steps – Peter’s trouble

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“PEEEETER, GET DOWN,” I find myself yelling from the kitchen into the living room as I discovered that Peter, my black cat, is on my white couch again.

How many times did I train him not to go on the couch? Once, twice or at least one-hundred times? He still acts as if he thinks that I can’t see him. And if I am not there, I know that he has been on the couch as I can see Read More→

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Fat burning eggs exploded

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Eggs have exploded.

Can you believe that this is possible? Eggs are very easy to prepare. Yet they have exploded and burned when first-time cooks try to boil or scramble them.

I love eggs. They are a high in amino acids and lecithin, which help you Read More→

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