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questionblogSometimes, what gets reported as research can brain wash you. Here is a recent example:

The Journal of New England published a study that looked into why it is so hard to keep weight off. The New York Times picked it up and interviewed so-called “experts” regarding the findings of this article.

Weight loss is not hard – If you do it right

The study enrolled 50 overweight individuals who were placed on a 10-week weight loss plan with a very low energy diet. In fact, dieters were allowed only 500 to 550 calories per day.

How much food is that? Here is a sample menu: Read More→

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Abs in or Abs out?

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In or out?

“If I pull them in, I feel stable but I can’t maintain this activation. And when I pick up weights, should I maintain the activation throughout?”

Today, I’m hearing a lot of confusion regarding the proper use of abdominals, especially during resistance training.

Let’s analyze step by step what is right and what is not so right. Read More→

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Make your abs pop

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Bring your six-pack to the surface. Does it need a crunch? A plank? A lateral twist? Perhaps none of this. An evident six-pack or not, you do need abdominal strength for stability of the upper and lower extremities.

What is the right body fat percentage to see six pack abs? Read More→

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Ongoing success strategies

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“BTW-am down to 145lbs!”

This was on the bottom of an e-mail I received. Don’t you love it? On the bottom and starting with a secret BTW. Come on, what is Read More→

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