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Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating, and can even make you a little crazy.


Typically, a plateau happens when you get down to that last 10 lbs, or when you drop a lost of weight and you hit the “good” body fat category.  This might not be enough and you still want to get further and move even lower, from the “fitness” region for body fat in to the “athletic” region for body fat.


So how do I lose that last 10 lbs?

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Are you like Kirstie Alley– painfully struggling with weight ups and downs?

We have seen her trim and strong in movies. Then, heavy and her body – large in tabloids. At one point, she joined Jenny Craig as a weight loss spokesperson. After her weight gain, weight loss and weight gain back again, she is in the news regarding her recent weight loss.
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Make your abs pop

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Bring your six-pack to the surface. Does it need a crunch? A plank? A lateral twist? Perhaps none of this. An evident six-pack or not, you do need abdominal strength for stability of the upper and lower extremities.

What is the right body fat percentage to see six pack abs? Read More→

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