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In a weight loss program calories are important. But a calorie is not a calorie. For example, let’s compare calories from white bread vs. oatmeal, both of which are starchy carbohydrates and contain 4 calories per gram respectively.

However, when you eat white bread, which is stripped of its nutrients such as fiber, minerals and vitamins, you are not taking in essential ingredients that help your body run its metabolic system efficiently.  Conversely, quality calories, from foods like oatmeal, that are not processed, and are not taxing to your system, help you to maintain your metabolism and to then lose excess weight. 

What prompted me to share an e-mail with you today was a question I recently received in my mailbox from Vikki, who has lost 20 pounds since starting the program January 2010. Read More→

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Grains, Greens and Fat Loss

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If you were to hold a gun to my head and ask me, “Which is better for weight loss–grains or greens?”

What would my answer be? That’s easy. Without hesitation, I would say the greens–or vegetables. Why? Read on…

Let’s compare grains and vegetables. Despite all you read about “healthy” or :high fiber” grains, they are not nearly as healthy or nutritionally complete as vegetables are.

In fact, grains are higher on the glycemic index then any common vegetable. That means they raise blood sugar levels higher, which should be kept steady when your goal is to lose fat, drop weight or stay in a weight maintenance program.

Let’s compare and contrast just a few grains and greens. These numbers Read More→

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Motivating Emotional Pain

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“How could I have it let get to this point?

“This can not happen to me!” Read More→

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Ongoing success strategies

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“BTW-am down to 145lbs!”

This was on the bottom of an e-mail I received. Don’t you love it? On the bottom and starting with a secret BTW. Come on, what is Read More→

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Soy- Dare To Be Tried?

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“Soy causes cancer and it is bad.”

“Soy helps to prevent cancer and it is good for you.”

Which statement is right? Who should you believe? I found myself in the same confusing position as I read reports and books dealing with soy as a protein source, as an adjunct to therapeutic Read More→

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Protein is important. And what kind of protein even more important If you want to top this, where it comes from, where it was born and where it was raised is the most important.

Who doesn’t love protein in one form or the other? We all take it in one form or another: diary, eggs, fish, or Read More→

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Prove yourself you can do it!

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The warm weather is teasing us already. The first spring rays of the sun are hitting your skin. You are closing your eyes and enjoying the warmth from the sun and perhaps thinking back to last summer. The events, the parties and the great dinners.

Ok, hold on, before we get ahead of our selves. In some part of the world, winter is still in front of the door. And what a great opportunity Read More→

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