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In a weight loss program calories are important. But a calorie is not a calorie. For example, let’s compare calories from white bread vs. oatmeal, both of which are starchy carbohydrates and contain 4 calories per gram respectively.

However, when you eat white bread, which is stripped of its nutrients such as fiber, minerals and vitamins, you are not taking in essential ingredients that help your body run its metabolic system efficiently.  Conversely, quality calories, from foods like oatmeal, that are not processed, and are not taxing to your system, help you to maintain your metabolism and to then lose excess weight. 

What prompted me to share an e-mail with you today was a question I recently received in my mailbox from Vikki, who has lost 20 pounds since starting the program January 2010. Read More→

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The Next Gain – Failure

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Is lean and defined really easier to accomplish? Sure, because if you increase the repetitions and reduce your calorie intake, your body adapts. This is a very simple strategy to implement.

Today I’ll share with you something else that you should implement in your workout. Wait, no, do it the next time you work out and let me know how it went. Read More→

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