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Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D, and Lester Packer, Ph.D. Director of the Packer Lab, University of California at Berkeley, discovered and researched this amazing ingredient. And even before that it was available for many treatments in the US, it was very successful in Europe.

Are you interested yet? Here’s more: The ingredient proved effective in treating wrinkles, slowing down aging process on a cellular level, reversing cataracts (a cloudy or opaque covering that grows over the lens of the eye), preventing stroke, preventing heart disease, controlling diabetes, enhancing Read More→

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Motivating Emotional Pain

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“How could I have it let get to this point?

“This can not happen to me!” Read More→

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A summer routine – Ing-ing

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A summer routine – Ing-ing

I am exited to share a new program with you today. You must try it and get back to me about how you did; how it worked for you. This program is called “Ing-ing.” It is a great change in your routine and it will burn your fat while Read More→

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Shape up with sand

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This workout is exiting. You sweat, you hate me for telling you about it and you will be sore. How can sand–the stuff we used to play in as children, the stuff of so many fond memories–do this to you? Read More→

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