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More Ways to Lose Weight With Friends

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How does a busy mother of three with knee pain on both sides (after two meniscus operations) and heart problems shed almost 30 lbs and drop 4 dress sizes all while continuing to cook for her family and herself?

A super attitude, with super motivation and expecting super results.

Judith wasn’t struggling her entire life with weight. Even after three children she was in fantastic shape and had a nice body. Then, as the children became older, became independent, less activity settled in. The fridge became a daily night stop. And a little bit of boredom set in. Slowly the weight started creeping up. Blood pressure rose. Medication for cardiovascular diseases where prescribed. And stairs became difficult to walk up.

In a bit of role reversal, it was one of her children Read More→

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Inspiration for motivation

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The going can get rough. You have gone through the holidays, the New Year’s celebrations and suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you see a new you.

One pound, the second pound and suddenly twenty pounds have been gained. How did it happen? From one day to the next?

Individuals have various acceptance levels Read More→

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Your motivational count!

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Listen to this simple motivational strategy to implement when the going of activities get tough. Click the play button to find out.

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Experience 01

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The painful problem: “What have you done to me? I am not sitting down; I am falling into the chair.” Bootcamp clinics started last week and the muscles were worked. But when do I Read More→

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