SUCCESS! How Terry Conquered Hunger, Weight Gain and Emotional Turmoil in her 60’s



You often hear that it is very difficult, hard, or undoable to have a strong, happy, vibrant body at any age.

But if you really listen to the person making this statement, you will hear disappointment, lack of commitment and know-it-all statements. As a weight loss coach, I hear something else: I hear that person saying, “How did this happen again?”

Commitment goes down, weight goes up, you go and throw in the towel. This is why, with my Natural Weight Loss Programs I don’t promote quick fixes (never will), but rather strategies that you can implement to conquer hunger, weight gain and a activity program that is beyond the gym.


Getting a Grip on Hunger

Terry started my Natural Weight Loss Program this January. She started at 152 lbs, 38% body fat and a waist circumference of 33 inches and a hip measurement of 42 inches.

Her first food log revealed that she used sugar for energy, and turned to fried and packaged foods, as well as alcohol in the evenings. Here is her food log:

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The good thing about this food log is that Terry was not starving herself to achieve weight loss.

The bad thing about this food log is that she ate foods that were more calorie dense, processed and lacking in fundamental nutritients for optimum cellular functions.

When she saw the evidence—right before her eyes—Terry started to make changes.

Conventional Weight Loss Programs do not succeed in the long term. Studies confirm that 80-95% of people who diet the traditional way (by that I mean, starvation) gain back all the weight lost and even more.

Hunger can be blamed and is one of the reasons why.

The system that causes hunger is complicated. Hormones secreted by fat cells, stomach and digestive tract (leptin, gherline and others) interact with your central nervous system. These hormones are secreted into your blood stream when your calorie intake goes down. Your appetite goes up. The result is that you are constantly looking for food.

It is key to manage your hunger. Terry succeeded with this simple strategy (This is not the top strategy I am talking about, so continue to read on):

Eating up to 6 meals a day.

Where I was raised, in a tiny little Alpine village with 3 farms and 20 houses, this eating concept is not foreign.

My eating pattern looked like this: Breakfast early in the morning. Then work, with a late morning snack and continue to work. Break for lunch, back to work, and finally, come home for dinner.

Hunger during a Natural Weight Loss Program such as mine does not exist as you divide your calories throughout the day to manage your hormones, insulin and blood sugar.

In addition to a little menu management, I gave Terry 3 strategies to follow. They helped Terry lose 12 lbs and changed her body fat percentage from 38 % to 30 % in just 12 weeks.

Eat a nutritional breakfast: Look at Terry’s food log above. For breakfast, she ate a Fiber One bar, a glass of skim milk and one orange. A substantial breakfast for natural weight loss should consist of unprocessed foods containing fat, protein and carbohydrates such as rolled oats, yogurt, and flaxseeds. Add some fruit and your Natural Weight Loss Breakfast is ready.

Drink when you feel hungry: Dehydration is many times confused with hunger. Before you eat, and you are on a Natural Weight Loss Program, drink a glass of water first. A cup of hot tea will do so as well. Fill up your stomach with something that is less calorie dense to get you over till the next meal if you feel the hunger pangs. They will subside with this strategy.

Cut down on alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates and it is more calorie dense than protein and carbohydrates. Alcohol by the gram has 7 calories and 1 gram of protein or carbohydrates has 4 calories. Stop drinking if you want to achieve natural weight loss that doesn’t use drugs, liposuction, diet pills or gastric bypass surgery. Here is Terry’s after food log:

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Top Strategy for Natural Weight Loss Revealed

Let’s not kid ourselves. All those strategies are good and fine but if you do not follow a distinctive personal plan your results will not get you that strong, happy and hot body.

Terry reduced her waist circumference from 33 inches to 30 inches and her hip circumference from 42 inches to 35 inches, her weight from 152 lbs to 139 lbs and her body fat from 38% to 30%.

This morning I asked Terry to share with me her most important strategy regarding her natural weight loss. She simply wrote back: “A food log and not missing workouts.”

No word about food strategies or particular workout. Just a food log and staying on schedule. Keeping a food log can double your weight loss according to a study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research. The findings, from one of the largest and longest running weight loss maintenance trials ever conducted, has been published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Curious how you can burn more fat, lose weight naturally and look strong, happy and hot? Read the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets” to implement the strategies to success.


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Stefan Aschan, M.S., author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets, which teaches you how to outsmart your hormones and belly fat without drugs or surgeries. His approach is holistic, scientific and based on centuries of experience from those living in Alpine Environments. He is a certified strength coach, personal trainer and naturopath. Learn more about how to loss weight naturally by visiting www.AlpineWeightLossSecrets.com




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