Find Youngevity Here: 3 Things that you didn’t know about looking 10 years younger without exercise and diet


youngevityIt isn’t a pretty picture: We are getting older, fatter and on top of it we live longer.

Yes, it can be a disaster. But not if you have the simple knowledge that brings joy to your life, improves your quality of life, your self-image and your body on top of it.

You can take your appearance, weight loss and youngevity to another level just by applying some simple principles:

Believe it!

Deepak Chopra, an authority on consciousness and medicine, uses the example of flies placed in a jar with a lid on top to explain the fact that most living things respond physically to what they think reality is.

Once the lid is removed, the flies stay in the glass, except for a few adventures ones. But the rest have committed to their “body-minds” that they are trapped. They just simply accepted their boundaries; their restrictions.

So you can be sure that experiences from earlier in life have set the stage for your present health, appearance, self-image and thoughts. To change yourself, (whether it be your body, appearance or your health), you have to change your beliefs.

We might have destructive and unconscious patterns that we need to overcome with discipline and persistence.

Studies of the effects of beliefs on the aging process has been conducted by Ellen Langer, Ph.D. They studied a group of male volunteers over the age of 70 and simply told them to think of themselves as 40 or 30 years younger.

They were instructed not to act as if they were at that age, but rather just believe they were at that age; to let themselves be who they were at that age.

Over the course of 5 days, their physical strength, perception, cognition, taste and hearing improved. And many looked as if they were 5 years younger. Powerful.

The take-away: Get out of your own glass bowl and break down your own limitations

Get used to having tea for dinner

No one frigging does this. And it is so simple. Doesn’t cost anything.

I know that one of the most overlooked information is to live with your environment for weight loss. But do you know what that means?

One: It works.

Sunrise to sunset is the time when our body is the most active. Your body releases hormones to wake you up and get you ready for the day. During the day, your body has time to work on the food that you have eaten. Your body has time to utilize the nutrition and time to break it down for assembly. As soon as the sun sets, your body slows down. Your digestion does as well. And it will take much longer to digest food. Therefore it will sit much longer in your system unutilized!!!!

Two: You wake up with energy.

Groggy in the morning? Can’t get up? Uh, uh, the alarm rings and you hit the button to take another snooze. When you finally get up, you are even more groggy. At night your body should rest and not digest. Your body at night needs time to rejuvenate and not to focus on your digestion. This is simple, cost free advice that anyone can implement.

The take-away: At night your body should rest and not digest.

Take 10 minutes of daytime life

I wish. I wish, I wish I had more time. And you do. This is the point where you give yourself the right to do so. And it simply starts by taking it and taking your life back.

That is your goal. So, what are you going to do with the first 10 minutes?

Stay still

Let it be. Drop all your things. Turn off in order to turn on again. Listen to your feelings, inner voices or needs again. Just listen by standing still. You can do this by simply standing, sitting or lying still. Anywhere you like.

Mindfulness Meditation

This technique uses the entire field of attention as a focal point. Buddhist practice was originally thought as having the physical body, emotions, mental contents and transcendent awareness. To experience this state, you simply pay attention to your breath as you breathe in and out, gently turning away from every detail in your mind (whether it is aggression, passion, ignorance or just insignificant mental chatter). It can be as simple as just paying attention to each simple action you do such as extending our hand.

Transcendental Meditation

This technique uses a word or mantra as a focal point. You can use a positive affirmation, for example, “I am strong, I am powerful, I am healthy” or “Yes I can,” … or any phrase that you like of positive reinforcement. How to do it? Sit still for 10 to 20 minutes and repeat the syllable or phrase over again. Work by Herbert Benson utilizes this focusing this technique of Transcendental Meditation to develop the relaxation response and reducing heart rate, blood pressure, metabolic speed and alleviating stress. Bingo!

The take-away: Take it away…

To sum it all up …

Whether you are young or old and just feeling old, these 3 principles can instantly improve your youngevity.

Practice changing your thoughts about yourself and prepare your body for sleep with a soothing cup of tea instead of dinner.

Finally, by taking10 minutes for yourself, breathing, taking the time to get perspective, experience different forms of relaxation, and staying flexible in both mind and body, you will achieve a younger you for the rest of your life.

Stay focused.


Your Weight Loss Coach

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Thanks for the great information. I love the transcendental meditation advice, I can’t wait to try it out tonight, it’s amazing how with something as simple as a positive attitude, so much can be accomplished.

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