A Super Mom’s Secret to 30 Pounds Weight Loss


How does a busy mother of three with knee pain on both sides (after two meniscus operations) and heart problems shed almost 30 lbs and drop 4 dress sizes all while continuing to cook for her family and herself?

A super attitude, with super motivation and expecting super results.

Judith wasn’t struggling her entire life with weight. Even after three children she was in fantastic shape and had a nice body. Then, as the children became older, became independent, less activity settled in. The fridge became a daily night stop. And a little bit of boredom set in. Slowly the weight started creeping up. Blood pressure rose. Medication for cardiovascular diseases where prescribed. And stairs became difficult to walk up.

In a bit of role reversal, it was one of her children who became the nudge: “Mum, you got to lose weight”. Grandchildren will come and they would love to meet and be with their grand mum.

I’d like to share the strategies that Judith used to lose weight, be able to run up the stairs without being out of breath and to feel happy with herself again:

1)    Listen to you daughter (and/or son)
Moms always give great advice. Sometimes it is the advice from the children that is difficult to take. After all, you are the adult and you provide the education and values. But it is ok to let go.

2)    Accept reverse care-taking

Children are the care recipients and parents are the care providers. Yes, sure, till a certain point. It is ok to be taken care of. And why not give your children the pleasure of taking their advice?

3)    Stop night eating

It is quiet at home.  You’re bored. Maybe you’re stressed. Maybe you’re tired. Still, that is no reason to swallow your emotions with food. Stop snaking after dinner. If you have to have something, then have some form of protein such as a slice of chicken, eggs or yogurt—no more than a 100- calorie portion.

4)    Cook again
Why not cook for yourself and your husband again? Yes, sometimes it seems more effort then the reward. Yet, home-cooking t is better then ready to buy meals or take-out. You know what the ingredients are. And you can discover new dishes and new cooking styles. We Alpine people like to cook “Hudry Wusch” meaning: Easy, without effort but still tasty.

5)    Make time for yourself
There can be that false sense of busy-ness around the house that makes you think you don’t have time for yourself.  Cleaning? It doesn’t take hours. Laundry? The washing machine and the dryer do the work. AND your husband the folding. Make time for yourself again. I give you permission to take time for yourself again. Now take it and go for a walk or discover something else again.

6)    Choose tomatoes, not potatoes
Tomatoes have fewer calories then potatoes. But the message is clear. Make better nutritional decisions. Your metabolism slows down two percent every decade. Your system produces less digestive juices to break down the nutrients in food.. Leave the potatoes on the side and in the supermarket. A simple strategy that can bring stunning results.

7)    Exercise with your children

You know it painful to see your children with excessive weight. Many mothers have shared this with me. Sure,, you might have not done any activity for awhile. But why not start now? Our lifespan is 120 years. Recently even insurance companies have updated this information. 120 years is a very long time to live. Be ready for it.

Everyone has parents. Some of them are active and some of them are not. But as a son or daughter nobody likes to see their parents get older, live in pain, be out of breath or unhappy.

Why not start the initiatives for this Mother’s Day to talk about activity in the coming years instead of giving chocolate? Or going for a walk and picking up flowers instead of just sending them? Yes, this message is written for daughters to send love to your mum. But also for mums who are needed for their grandchildren

My simple message for this Mother’s Day: You can to it.

Pass on the message.

Kind regards,


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