Should you workout when you’re sore?


My butt, legs and shoulders hurt. Yes, even individuals like I, who have been working out my entire life is gets sore. Why is that? Because of a change in a workout routine, program, speed, the number of sets or repetitions. But in my case, it was again Volleyball.

And this is the question that comes up many times from clients who are sore after workouts: Should I train a sore muscle?

I am sure you have heard before that you should rest till your muscle soreness depleted. But is that so? Or can you, should you workout the following day when you are experience soreness?

Many studies have confirmed that you should be doing exactly that: Workout again the following day after you experience soreness.

Why? Soreness is a build up of lactic acid in your muscle. You have two options: either don’t workout till your body breaks down the acid or workout the following day to open the muscle channels again to transport the lactic acid out of the muscles.

The fist one is not the recommended approach if your goal objective is building a leaner, more toned body to look better naked … and in clothes.

The second option is one that  I highly recommend and is proven scientifically. When you experience soreness, workout again, but not with the same repetitions and weight. Rather, choose a different workout. For example, if you did strength training with high repetitions and lighter weight, your next workout should focus on fewer repetitions and higher weight. Or you could choose to do a movement conditioning program.

In conclusion, even if your metabolic recovery has not occurred, you can train again as it doesn’t impair your recovery process. For detailed information on these studies, look for:

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Nosaka K and M Newton. Repeated eccentric exercise bouts do not exacerbate muscle damage and repair. J Strength Cond Res. 2002 Feb;16(1):117-22.

I will teach you strategies such as those mentioned above—and more–in the upcoming program.

I am exited to open up the doors September 7th 2009.

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